Soft polyurethane foam (PUR) is the most widely used polymer in foam manufacturing.


Besides providing good airiness, open-cell structure allows the material to recover more quickly to its original state against mechanical loads. Due to its incredible properties, it is adapted for numerous applications across all fields of industry (textile, construction, health care industry). Polyurethane foams are predominantly used in engineering fields where stable and durable materials, resistant to corrosion and structural changes, are required. Likewise, such properties include resistance to chemicals and oils.

Properties of polyurethane foams:

  • Wide range of rigidity, hardness and density (depending on molecular structure)
  • Good wear and compression stress resistance
  • Elasticity
  • Relatively low density
  • Good thermal and audio absorption
  • Temperature resistance ranging 100-120°c
  • Moist and mildew resistance
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Automotive industry – interiors
  • Construction
  • Furniture, footwear, textile industry
  • Health care industry


Types of polyurethane foams:

Pladent - Penjeni polietilen z lepilom - PolipenSP


Esterpen is a soft polyesther foam.

Pladent - Penjeni polietilen z lepilom - PolipenSP


Eterpen is a soft polyethene foam.


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