Quality control

We continually upgrade our commitment to operational excellence by upgrading our ISO 9001 quality standard registration.

To demonstrate our engagement, we consistently upgrade the quality of our products and production processes to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of product quality, quality control and short delivery times. By administering laws and regulations applied in our line of business, we pursue continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Our quality management system, based on IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3 standards,  plays an important role in the continuing improvement of our company.  With ongoing education and training, we keep up with new technological requirements of automotive and other industries, as well as amend our strategies to follow market trends.


We have been awarded the status of preferred converter by 3M.

We feel proud that 3M has recognised our engagement and work quality, and has therefore given us the status of an outstanding position in the converting business that will further support our growth.

The relationship between 3M and Pladent has seen many successfully delivered projects, and we enjoyed great feedback for the quality and value of these projects. Pladent is the first Slovenian company to have received such recognition (and one in eight for the entire CEE region).

We introduce new technologies and product quality control into all production processes.

Partnering with our suppliers to deliver superior quality materials, we bring our innovations to our customers faster and better. We collaborate closely with our supply partners to drive improvement throughout the product process and quality assurance.